Cancellation Policies Revised

Weather & General Cancellation Policies Revised

We have updated our current cancellation policies AND we are excited to inform that you can now cancel and/or remove yourself from classes with the same login where you reserve GoZone classes. We are asking members to avoid using Facebook messaging and email with cancellations and to provided you with these new tools as staff hours and classes are not always in sync. This will allow instant notification to our trainers who are preparing for classes. We also understand late cancellations happen and want to provide you with greater flexibility. A Late cancellation is any cancellation within a 10-hour window of the class. Late cancellations will no longer remove a visit from your punch card or membership unless the class is at full capacity. If the class is at full capacity a debit will be made to protect popular class times and valuable spots. No shows will also deduct a visit from punch passes or memberships.This would be someone that failed to log into the back office to cancel a class prior to class.  This means debits to accounts will be very rare as long as you take part in canceling your own classes prior to. We hope you are just as excited about this revision as we are!

Weather cancellations may also happen as our wonderful winter season is near! Note that when we cancel classes, an email broadcast that the class has been canceled will be sent to you (sometimes shows up in spam/junk if GoZone has not been added as a contact).  Please refer to our Facebook and to our local area school cancellations.  Please note classes may be cancelled not only due to current conditions but snow removal and in order to create safe conditions in our parking lot.