GoZone April Member Alan Cloutier

Let’s put our hands together for Alan Cloutier! He was chosen as the Member of the Month for April.  Not only did he earn himself a spot in the newsletter, but he has also earned some awesome perks! Member of the Month perks include $20 in GoZone bucks, ability to kick someone off “your” machine or spot on the floor, and a special “member of the month” parking spot!

Alan Cloutier has been a real stand out member since the start of his contract. He works hard on the turf and shows boundless appreciation outside of the gym.  Alan Visits 4x per week and his favorite piece of equipment is the TRX bands.  Alan, if you enjoy the TRX, you should visit the Augusta GoZone and try out the new Primal 7! Before attending GoZone, Alan was doing some at-home workouts and even attended CrossFit classes for about a month.

As with many Mainers, Alan utilizes all our lovely seasons.  He enjoys skiing in the winter, swimming in the summer and playing with his grandkids! Alan and his partner Ron, enjoy spending time with family.  Alan’s son David and daughter-in-law Jessica blessed him with 2 grandchildren. His 2 grandchildren are Karly (12) and Levi (3).  Part of Alan’s gym motivation is to feel good enough to chase his grandkids around.

Alan is an F.S.C. for Five County Credit Union and visits GoZone for all the right reasons.  His reasons are energy, stress relief, weight control, appearance and to live longer.  He also wants to feel good and stay healthy while maintaining a healthy cholesterol level and keeping his blood pressure down.

Alan gave some great words of encouragement and said, “you guys love what you do, and that spills over into the membership”.  Those are the words our trainers love to hear! Keep up the great work Alan!