App News: You may have noticed some strange goings on lately with the GoZone app and our website. Be prepared as we will have a whole new app soon!  Some of the experiences with the current app/website have been due to adding the new location.  We know some of you have been a bit challenged to get in and do your thing… Here’s a bit of troubleshooting that may help:
Log out of your app completely
Log back in and go to your menu screen. Once there, look for GoZone Fitness Lewiston or GoZone Fitness Augusta in the dropdown. Once you select it, you should see what you were used to seeing before.
Stay tuned. The new app will have WAY MORE tools you can use and will LOVE like being able to see a full dashboard (even on the app) that allows you to see which particular classes give you the best calorie burn, metrics on how your workouts are improving – EVEN the ability to see “real time” action like you see on our famous GoZone boards right on your phone so you can hit your HIIT intervals whether you are biking, hiking, etc.