Day 10: Want to Save a Little Moolah on Food?

Good Morning Fellow GZ Transformer,
Save the Dough! (the green kind only…the flour kind can go!)

Eating organic and local can get pricey fast if you’re not paying attention. A lot of people think it’s too expensive to eat this way on a regular basis and still be within their budget- and I used to be one of them! But- with a few great tips and a little planning, you’ll not only be eating a cleaner source of food, but you’ll be saving the green in your pocket.

Here Are My top 5 Tips to Saving Cash on Organic Food:

  1.  Check out the Weekly Specials at your local supermarkets.  If you buy proteins and produce when they are on sale, you will save a TON of $$.
  2.  Buy in bulk and freeze.Once you buy in bulk, be sure to freeze any food you won’t be using right away.  Wrap it well and you will be good to go!

**NOTE that just because something is labeled organic doesn’t mean it’s good for you- you still need to read your labels!

  1.  Buy Dry Goods Online.  Almond flour, protein powder, vitamins, and other dry goods can be found MUCH cheaper online.  Do a search on Amazon fast before heading out to the store to see what items you may be able to save on.
  2.  Buy Seasonal & Support Local.  Often, you can get AMAZING prices on seasonal and local food…. especially if you visit the farms themselves.  It’s better for the environment and better for your wallet 🙂

Happy Groceries & Happy Wallets,