Day 7: It’s Time for Something Special…

Good Morning Fellow GZ Transformer,

It’s Sunday! It’s PREP day for your upcoming week!  Make sure to print the grocery list & meal plan for week 2 and set your week up for success. Today is the perfect day to take a moment and reflect on this past week. Learning and growing can happen in so many different ways, but “there are some kinds of growth that come to us only if we are willing to stop, pause, and allow the lesson to catch up to us.”  

Take what you’ve learned this week and truly reflect on it. I try to do this at the end of each day.  Since I began doing this, I’ve noticed a lot more value and wisdom that I’ve picked up throughout the day that I otherwise would have glanced right over. It was hard for me to sit with just my thoughts at first, but it gets easier with practice. Take 5-15 minutes to sit quietly and reflect on this past week- you may be surprised what you find out.  🙂

​Have a Wonderful Sunday,