GoZone Fitness June Member of the
Month: Breanna Lepage

GoZone would like to spotlight a new member of the month for June: Breanna Lepage! “Bre” has more than earned this title! She was chosen as the Member of the Month for June.  Not only did she earn herself some awesome recognition, but she has also earned some awesome perks! Member of the Month perks include $20 in GoZone bucks, ability to kick someone off “your” machine or spot on the floor, and a special “member of the month” parking spot! Parking spot… You know, since she’s 12…

Breanna is not only our youngest member, but she’s also the member with the most energy. Ever. Before GoZone, Bre would go biking with her mom, Tanya and go on walks. She now comes in to sweat on the turf 4x or more per week! She loves running on the treadmill during class.

For hobbies, Breanna loves hanging out with close friends, going shopping and spending time with family. Her family includes her older brother Gavin who’s 14, her mom Tanya and her dad Dan. “My family is very funny, and we love to exercise together. We are always doing something together. My brother is like my best friend, we always have a lot of laughs together.”

Bre is in the 6th grade, almost in middle school! She enjoys spending time with her rabbit and 2 cats. She’s very energetic, loves shopping, cooking and being a kid! She loves working out at GoZone and seeing her GoZone friends. She works out for energy, weight control and appearance. When asked about her favorite thing at GoZone, her response was: “All of the people there are so kind, the trainers are so welcoming and motivating. The workouts are very fun, I really enjoy the cardio machines, my favorite is the treadmill.”