Sandy Belanger has been selected as the September Member of the Month, and it’s easy to see why! She’s never been one to sit still, even before she joined GoZone Fitness. Prior to GoZone, she liked to do a lot of walking and zumba as well as working in her garden and yard.

Sandy is a great supporter and spokesperson for GoZone and all the trainers agree! She typically attends four or more classes a week at GoZone and she just can’t get enough! Her favorite workouts include power workouts and anything that targets her arms. She loves to workout because she knows it will help her live longer, give her a better appearance, help control her weight, relieve stress, give her energy, and also help her feel stronger.

Her favorite thing about GoZone is the trainers and the people. Or in general, all of it! “The trainers are excellent and so helpful,” said Sandy. “I always feel comfortable asking them for help if I need it. I LOVE the people at GoZone–so friendly and we all cheer each other on in a positive way.”

Not only is Sandy a great spokesperson for GoZone, she’s also someone who makes a big difference in the lives of children every day as her job as Dean of Students for the Augusta Farrington and Hussey schools! She loves being around the energy of the kids each day. “I love helping them learn and grow, and I love making learning fun for kids and creating memories for them,” said Sandy.

Among her favorite things besides GoZone are gorgeous sunsets, family meals, good books, fun conversations, laughs with friends and colleagues and the perfect chocolate chip cookie! She’s a die-hard fan of both the Patriots and the Red Sox and when she has some spare time, she likes to hang out at her camp on the lake and swim, paddleboard, kayak, ride in her boat, sit around the fire and just enjoy the outdoors.

She rarely sits still, but when she does, she likes to read a good book, and hang out with her husband, daughter and two very spoiled dogs named Brutee¬†and the Beast. Sandy says she always has a smile on her face when she leaves after a good workout. “It’s a very SWEATY smile, but it’s certainly a smile,” said Sandy. Thanks for being such a great member, Sandy! As the Member of the Month, she’ll get a prize pack from GoZone!