GoZone Fitness April Member of the Month

Full Name: Danika Morin

Q What kind of workouts did you do prior to GoZone?

A   Beachbody and other at home individual exercise programs

Q How often do you attend classes at GoZone?

A 4x or more a week

Q What is your favorite piece of equipment or exercise type/muscle group to target?

A I love the elliptomill, and I am really warming up to lifting.

Q What do you like to do for fun? Hobbies, etc.

A I love to shop and spend time with my family. I enjoy reading but have a hard time fitting it into my busy schedule.

Q Tell us a little about you or your family:

A I’m 22 and my fiancé and I purchased our first home in August of 2018,we live about an hour from Portland with our fur baby Duke! I work in South Portland and am so excited to have GoZone so close to work so I can make it there as much as possible!

Q If desired, tell us about your family, kids, hobbies, employment, school, etc.

A I work in disability claims, and started my accounting degree right after high school. I’m also a bariatric patient and ever since I made that lifestyle change I have been looking for a great place to workout and make fitness a priority in my life. I love to be surrounded by other individuals who are committed to improving themselves and lifting others UP! I am so thankful I found GoZone and blessed to have the opportunity to live a healthy life, since day one that has always been my goal!

Q What is your place of employment?

A  One America

Q Reasons you work out?

A  Live longer, Appearance, Weight control, Stress reliever, Social, Energy

Q What is your favorite thing about GoZone?

A   I love the sense of community and the encouragement from other members and trainers. The classes are challenging and FUN and I always look forward to coming back for another workout.