Gozone Fitness features an evolutionary science-based workout. Our studio offers prescription targeted (workout) technology.  A profile is developed for each member that can be adjusted based on their own diagnostic (VO2 Max) results.  This allows member to hit and maintain their own and unique “gozone area” ensuring optimal fat burning and muscle building capacities.  Each workout out includes heart rate monitoring displayed in two prominent areas permitting both participants and trainers live feedback on workout effectiveness.  Our cutting edge cardio equipment and class type provides the opportunity for a 3X greater ability for calorie and fat burn.

Members will also have increased benefits in areas such as strength and stamina with the ability to incorporate highly effective weight loss if desired.  All classes are atmosphere enhanced by music and energy.

Are you looking to make your workout matter?  Our 55-minute maximum impact classes give your WHOLE BODY attention.  Workout variations by design and intensity paired with our heart rate interval sensors boost fat and calorie burns up to 3X greater than other workout solutions. This style continues to fuel energy resulting in continued burns up to an additional 1 ½ days POST workout.

Regular attendance will provide tangible results with greater lean muscle supporting some or all of these focus areas: weight loss, stamina and power.

We have prescription targeted technology where each visitor has their own sensor belt and then each member can have their own VO2 diagnostic results put in to their profile which provides the range of lowest to highest cardio targets by individual for the safest and most effective workout regardless of age or condition.  Each person is challenged with absolute precision.  This makes GoZone safe and effective for virtually everyone.

We have real time visibility of how you are performing within your class displayed for you and our trainers displayed on our monitors followed by a follow up email showing your last workout and full details of all your prior ones for you to compare and realize the benefits of how you are reaching your goals.

Unlike some group classes, our professional trainers do not teach the class by participating.  This means they are available to monitor your movements and sensor readouts while continuing to modify individuals’ needs.  They will pace up or down by person to ensure proper form and full workout benefits are achieved. This is done with your dignity in mind.  Trainers are taught to encourage and assist everyone, whether they seek enhanced or less challenging exercises.

Resistance training doesn’t feel boring or dull with our equipment resources. Although we have the traditional dumbbells, they aren’t used in your normal pace or training style.  Bosu Balls, Suspension Training and many other non-traditional tools keep things interesting and cutting edge for results with equipment flair. Resistance You Can’t Resist Virtually every day is different at GoZone Fitness.

Virtually every day is different at GoZone Fitness.

Our rowers are totally state-of-the art and offer a luxury ride with low joint emphasis making this a great choice for anyone, including those with joint or mobility issues and adaptive athletes.  The 9” higher than normal profile ensures ease and comfort when accessing. Users will promote greater tone to both upper and lower body with a wide range of motion.  Due to the large number of muscles utilized, the rower is a huge calorie burning machine.  This is in the best of the “flat belly burner” machines available today.

The Landice Elliptimill is the ultimate in luxury feel workout machines and is considered elite in class for it’s workout adaptive responses.  Famous for it’s incredible low-impact and ergonomic design, the elliptimill allows users to either walk or run in their natural stance without the joint and body impact.   Since it’s debut in 2008, the Landice elliptimill products have received 5 star reviews for excellence in comfort, smoothness and electronic programming, allowing users 20 different challenge levels and a range of different workouts.  The flexible design allows for both backward and forward strides to isolate and challenge different muscle groups.  The cushioned footrest side rails allow for just handrail use as well, providing another type of workout experience altogether.