We have options for every budget and visit style from occasional to frequent. It’s best to use us for free as a guest and visit and then see if you like our style (we’re sure you will!) and then proceed to give you pricing based on your interest level and preference of how you’d see yourself using us.

Some memberships include some or all of these services.  If they are not standard with your selected membership, they may be purchased a la carte at a preferred member rate.

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This measures your precise target heart rate based on anaerobic threshold, then calculates your unique Target Intensity GoZones. These zones give you the precise heart rates necessary to optimize each level of exercise and maximize your results.

Our famous coaching plan for those who want to eat healthier and/or lose weight. Incorporated with our fitness style, weight loss results average 17.5 lbs in the first month!

To determine metabolic efficiencies and can reveal strategy options during the weight loss process which can help reduce plateaus and speed results. RMR measurement can give you the precise caloric prescription for maintenance.