Success StoriesFitness + Nutrition = Maximum Results

When proper nutrition meets a great fitness solution, you can see the results. GoZone has both great full body workouts and GoZone Edge Nutrition. Learn how to eat right and come at least 3X a week and watch the success stories unfold!

I Like How We Are Pushed

“I like the variety of exercises. I like how the trainers are always watching and correcting our form. Also, I like how approachable the staff is. So many things I like about Gozone. I like how we are pushed to do better but at the same time the trainers know when not to push.”

~Peter Brodeur


More Energy For My Littles Ones

“GoZone allows me to have ‘me’ time and focus on myself to better my health and give me more energy for my little ones. Each class I feel like we have our own personal trainer to make sure we are doing the exercises appropriately and safely.”

~Danielle Stout


Incorporate Muscles You Wouldn’t Otherwise Use

“I love that the GoZone workouts are always changing and they incorporate muscles you wouldn’t otherwise use. I also love that the GoZone members have become such a great support system! I look forward to going to classes not only for the great work outs, but also to see my GoZone family!”

~Audree Burns


I Love Our New GoZone Family

“The constant encouragement of the trainers, staff and other members. It really makes working out fun. I love the variety of the workouts, the trainers and our new GoZone Family””

~Brenda Robitaille


I Have My Own Personal Trainer

“My favorite thing about GoZone is the trainers – Bill, Allison, Jake, and newcomer Stephanie!  They all have great personalities and are experts in their profession. This makes working out fun and they take the time to get to know each client and their individual goals.  They encourage each client to push ourselves beyond our own expectations! The classes are small so it feels like I have my own personal trainer working with me to perfect my form for maximum results.

~Patty Newman


Atmosphere Is GREAT With No Judgement

“I love the small classes allowing for the trainers to be able to assist you when needed. The atmosphere is great with no judgement, everyone is there with similar goals and we feel like a big family!”

~Amy Wagner


I Love The Types Of Workouts

“I LOVE the types of workouts-I always leave knowing I put my all in. I am thankful for great trainers like “Bad Ass Bill”!! I have met such an awesome group of men and women too!! I love GoZone!!!”

~Misty Ellis


GoZone Has Kept Me Coming Back For More

“I love that GoZone forces me to change things up. New classes, new muscle groups worked. Where workouts have become stagnant for me before, GoZone has kept me coming back for more.”

~Lisa Pomerleau

Loved It

I’ve been working out for many years and was looking for something different. I Did my first class today and it is different. Challenging and love the heart rate monitor idea. You can see how hard you are working. You have trainers who are all about you. Loved it.

~Ella Raibert


Different Muscle Groups Each Day

“Love how the workouts are planned out for you, focusing on different muscle groups each day.”

~Tanya Lepage

I Highly Recommend To Anyone At Any Level

Well I completed my second class to day,and love the workout .you push yourself at your own pace,using a heart rate monitor. So it easy to see how had your working. Bill is a great trainer, working around some injuries I have.I highly recommend it to anyone,at any level. I’m getting off the couch after 6 years. Love it!

~Steven Cote

An Experience Like No Other!

If you are intimidated by the idea of going to the gym, then this is the place to start–it is an experience like no other! These classes really can be customized for all ability levels. Small class sizes mean lots of personal attention (and encouragement) from the trainers who make it their top priority to ensure you have proper form to avoid injuries. Other members are friendly and supportive of each other which is a refreshing change as someone who previously worked out at a very large gym. Most importantly, not only is this the best workout I’ve ever done, but it is also the most FUN!

~Kristen Lamiette

I Was So Impressed With The Classes

With my Bachelors of Science degree in Athletic Training and my personal weightlifting experience, I came into this class with a doubtful mind. I have always been more into the body building side of exercising so this was a brand new style of training for me. I was so impressed with the classes, I actually ended up applying to work as one of the trainers. I still attend classes and absolutely love teaching them!

~Jake Nason

I Push Myself More

I’ve been a very active member of GoZone for one year and plan to continue. Although the workouts are a challenge, I push myself more because of the positive attitude and commitment of the extraordinary trainers who work with us throughout the classes. The variety of the classes are amazing!!!

~Diane Nadeau

The Class Challenges Me

I didn’t realize how stale my workout routine had become until I attended a free session at Go Zone. I love how the class challenges me and I enjoy working with the new equipment. I now attend 5:15am classes weekly to boost my workouts.

~Lisa Laliberte

Encourages Everyone to Improve

I primarily work out with Bill as a trainer – he is very supportive of all participants and encourages everyone to improve. I love the format, the heart rate monitor is a major motivation tool and it has enable me to push myself more than I ever have in other workouts.

~Tamela Paradis

Personalized Heart Monitors

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and will find a way to make a particular exercise easier or harder, depending on what your needs are. The place is very clean. I love the fact that we wear our own personalized heart monitors while we workout!

~Alan Cloutier


GoZone Filled That Void

I love my family, friends, work, and life in general. But, there was still something missing and GoZone filled that void. I enjoy the variety of workouts and the occasional additional classes that are offered (TMC, Primal) it is an added value to the members, but most of all I love the people. Everyone is so supportive and lifts each other up and makes me feel as though “I fit”. I love the unique sense of family that seems to happen by default at GoZone and our AWESOME trainers, Bill, Laura, and Keith. They know just when and how much to push you for an optimal workout. I never go home thinking I could have done more. At the end of the day I love my GoZone family, there is no better way to start the day or a better group of people to start it with. Thank You GoZone!

~Earl Kingsbury