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Augusta Location:

46 Bangor St.

Augusta, ME 04330

Phone: (207) 241-5013


Lewiston Location:

1967 Lisbon St

Lewiston, ME 04240

Phone: (207) 241-5013

“Absolutely love this place! Been going for about 2 months and it’s always changing and engaging the members! Awesome trainers & awesome atmosphere! Thank you GoZone!”

Amy – GoZone Member

What Makes GoZone Different:

Training for YOU

Unlike some group classes, our professional trainers do not teach the class by participating. This means they are available to monitor your movements and sensor readouts while continuing to modify individuals’ needs. They will pace up or down by person to ensure proper form so that full workout benefits are achieved. This is done with your dignity in mind. Trainers are taught to encourage and assist everyone, whether they seek enhanced or less challenging exercises.

The GoZone Way

GoZone Fitness features an evolutionary science-based workout. Our studio offers prescription targeted (workout) technology. A profile is developed for each member that can be adjusted based on their own diagnostic (VO2 Max) results. This allows member to hit and maintain their own and unique “GoZone area” ensuring optimal fat burning and muscle building capacities. Our cutting-edge cardio equipment and class type provides the opportunity for a 3X greater ability for calorie and fat burn.

Science and Safety

We have prescription targeted technology where each visitor has their own sensor belt and then each member can have their own VO2 diagnostic results put in to their profile which provides the range of lowest to highest cardio targets by individual for the safest and most effective workout regardless of age or condition. Each person is challenged with absolute precision. This makes GoZone safe and effective for virtually everyone.

Why GoZone?

GoZone is the #1 Results Driven Fitness Studio in Maine! We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and are here to encourage and support you through every step of your journey.

We make it easy to take the first step with our high-energy, results-driven fitness program. Our friendly and professional coaching staff utilizes cutting-edge fitness technology to help you reach your unique goals. No matter your experience or fitness level, we match the workouts to fit your needs. During each of our 55-minute classes, you’ll receive personalized coaching to keep you safe while achieving sustainable results.

GoZone is a unique lifestyle program that uses fitness, nutrition, and mindset training to truly allow you to experience personal breakthroughs.

Come on in and see why Gozone Fitness is the perfect place for you!

Some Of Our Success Stories!

Karen Pike


Weight Lost:  9lbs

Total Inches Lost:  7”

“[I’m] ending this challenge down 9 pounds and 7 inches overall, more energized, less brain fog, feeling great and motivated to keep eating healthy!”  

Laura Allen


Weight Lost: 9lbs

Total Inches Lost: 6.5” 

WOOHOO! First of all, THANK YOU for providing a program that has made real changes to my lifestyle. I wasn’t super unhealthy before, but I have built up much better habits with fewer carbs and more veggies, a lot more water, etc. That and I feel capable to push myself further and further at the gym!”